Our Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Zneakrz. We have lots of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

Q4 2022

- Community building on all socials
- Building marketing colleterial

Q1 2023

- Team Expansion
- Launch Trade section of the app
- Start marketing activities

Q2 2023

- Initial Dex Offering (IDO)
- In app custodial wallet release
- Addon cost for trade section is only accepted with our token
- Start acquiring sneakers for Buy section release
- Release Stake section of our app

Q3 2023

- Release Drops section of our app (This launch includes scheduled releases of the most popular sneaker releases of the first half of 2023)

Q4 2023

- Release NFTs with features (NFT holders will get a head start on releases within our Buy section of the app)


- Open it up for users to sell sneakers and clothing on our platform
- Release user authentication solution (AI Beta Test)
- Work with Brands to do exclusive drops on our platform


- Flagship store
- Expand product offering to other adjacent markets
- Release B2B solution (IaaS infrastructure as a service)
- IRL pop up stores